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Neera, the sweet sap of the Palm, is fast becoming a popular drink on account of its highly nutritive value, delicious taste and agreeable flavor. It requires neither mechanical crushing, as in the case of cane, nor leaching like that of beet-root; it is obtained by slicing the spathes of the Palmyra, Coconut

Virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil (VCO), extracted from fresh coconut meat without chemical processes is said to be the "mother of all oils". It is rich in medium chain fatty acids, particularly lauric acid and is a treasure trove of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and is an excellent nutraceutical. It has about 50% lauric acids, having qualities similar to mother's milk, thus confirming its disease-fighting ability. When lauric acid enters human body it gets converted to Monolaurin, which has the ability to enhance immunity. Several studies have confirmed that this compound has the ability to kill viruses including herpes and numerous other bacteria. Its antiviral effect has the ability to considerably reduce the viral load of HIV patients.


Banking on our enriched industry experience, we are engaged in offering a huge gamut of DesiccatedCoconutPowder. This desiccated coconut that is obtained by drying the granulated or shredded white meat of the fully mature coconut kernel. These coconuts are available in variety of packaging options so that only high quality coconuts reach our clients.

Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk is made using the finest coconut kernels following stringent quality standards while preserving the original coconut flavour. The product is GMO free with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Tender Coconut Water

The water of tender coconut, technically the liquid endosperm, is the most nutritious wholesome beverage that the nature has provided for the people of the tropics to fight the sultry heat. It has caloric value of 17.4 per 100gm. "It is unctuous, sweet, increasing semen, promoting digestion and clearing the urinary path, " says Ayurveda on tender coconut water (TWC)